a.) an Entry~Level Door

Its up to you to attend the free Career Night show, typically at 7:30 on the last Sunday of any month!    To reserve your seat promptly send your request, name and cell number (for texts) to: SeamansInstitute @aol…  turning that door into the passageway of a maritime career!

Your reservation request will be acknowledged in kind, and you will receive a cell-text reminder message the day before the event.

While you plan to arrive only 15 minutes before your Show you can advance your job search and view the career path horizon from your couch just by surfing the internet and cable tv then studying the shows that reveal real-bits of the life you’re after asea… see the many commercial fishing episodes, any big commercial or military ship stories, mega-yacht spectaculars,  maritime disaster sagas, NYC evacuations, airplane rescues, Coast Guard stories, luxury vacation specials, dirty jobs, etc.   Go see boat & ship jobs from on-board a ferry, or visit a local marina or maritime museum…

Sofa-search via GOOGLE for maritime jobs, take a look at the short story of Marine employment/career projections by the US Department of Labor, or sim-fly over your Port and count the working vessels on the water (aka; JOBS), and then search the shoreline for there are more at the docks!

Getting into this complex industry unknowing and unknown, with or without training, and with or without a sponsor’s guidance is going to cost you $1-5,000.00, and scores of hours.  Cloths, equipment, credentials, job outreach, upto adding some seaman, safety and survival training for increased employability, and/or joining a Union or Crew Placement Service for work adds up quickly.

 There is No Government Financial Aid for for US Merchant Mariners, with the good consequence that there is less competition and a high demand in this (your?) maritime job market sector!  

So.  If you are career-serious, start managing your time and finding your funds.  Maybe start saving today, stash a cash envelope now, apply for a credit card (request their Balance Transfer checks), visit relatives, apply for a personal/passbook/equity loan from a bank, visit family, and/or crank out some overtime at your old-work, because Career Night is free but can be followed closely by your government fees, training tuitions, etc…

OS-1 Alumni Guarantee: You will be amongst the top applicants for any entry level position, on any vessel, any where… and you’ll know where your career is going!

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